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Death by the Decade Series

05/13/2013 16:37
Death of a Flapper is available at (both ebook and paperback).  Her Death by the Decade Series features a mystery by each decade.  No. 2 in the series:  Fatal Follies available at (both ebook and paperback) and

Smashwords ebooks

01/05/2013 23:37
Find more of author Debra McReynolds' books at Merrell.  Her adult romances are written under Deborah Merrell and her new mysteries can be found under Marva Dale!

Also by Marva Dale

08/20/2012 15:30
Her sweeping historic romance, the first in the Traynor Family series.. "Far From Eden:  New World" is available through  For more information check out  

Death of a Flapper

08/20/2012 00:00
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